About Us

    Greetings and welcome to Fayakoon Group of Companies. We are proud to have many valuable projects which we have accomplished successfully in our 20-plus year history. Our experiences include projects in Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK provinces in rural and urban areas of Pakistan. We have extensive expertise in field projects relevant to Constructions & Developments, petroleum trading & storages, communications, logistics supports and optical fiber deployments with utilization of modern machinery & equipments since 1994. Our major expertises are in civil and industrial projects and an impressive resume of work in mission critical in deployments with Telecommunication Companies, Government Deployment Construction and other autonomous bodies.
    The desire to progress, expand, integrate technologies deployment and the demand for efficient, effective, and affordable solutions have been the mechanism for change and continuous progression within the professional industries. Moreover, the need to ensure sustainability in the business has also brought together all service providers and various stakeholders in the continually evolving digital value-chain to collectively investigate how the velocity of change has affected their current pace of business revolution and how their decision-making would be influenced by changes transpiring in the Internet.
    We look forward to an opportunity to serve your buildings & deployment needs in the near future.
    “Muhammad Shaban Toor (CEO & Director)”